Week 8 In Moments


Week 8 had a slow start.  I'm still suffering with terrible headaches and the peak of this was me crying.  In the gym.  Yup.  Good news is that the root cause seems to be a muscle in my neck causing sinus issues, so I've *hopefully* got that under control now and will never have to repeat Monday's embarrassment again!

However this does mean that the beginning of the week was a bit of a write-off and I'm a little short on 'moments' for this post.  Mum and I went to see La La Land on Wednesday and as well as forgetting to take the obligatory ticket/popcorn shot, we both came away feeling a bit "meh" about it all.  The colours and cinematography were fantastic but the story itself?  I'm not so sure....

Right....on to the photos!

Last week I finally tracked down my dream pink chunky knit and have been wearing it at every available opportunity.  It's a million times more flattering than it looks online; the colour is perfection, the knit is satisfyingly heavy and the slash neckline adds a little something extra.

We made these honeycomb crunchie cupcakes with Ella and Dylan for my sister (their mum)'s birthday and took them to surprise her at work with.  We may have kept one aside for us to sample, and seeing Ella's eyes light up as she discovered the chocolate sponge beneath the honey-laced icing was so sweet.

I've got the urge to have a change in hair colour, so I've been doing lots of (obsessive) research.  I want a light, creamy blonde with a hint of rose gold.  Not too copper and not too pink.  Hopefully I found something that'll work...now I can't wait to test it out! 

As if the week didn't contain enough pink, I painted my nails this deep but dusky shade (Barry M's 'Ballerina' if you're wondering).  And then promptly ruined it by doing the cleaning.  So now I have chipped nails, but at least the bathroom's sparkling!

What was your favourite thing about last week?

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