Why I'm No Longer Buying Make Up



Back in the day I was a die hard make up hoarder.  Like, I needed as much as possible in case of every eventuality.  And when Nick and I moved in together, a make up room was a done deal.

Fast forward a few years and the make up room sits largely unused.  I do my make up in the spare room, using a selection housed in a few acrylic drawers rather than feeling overwhelmed on the daily by the sheer choice stored in the blogger favourite Ikea Helmer unit.

After culling my collection a couple of times (and still owning far too much!), I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't be buying any more.  I know what I like, I know what I'll use and it's time to be a bit more sensible.

This year I'm going to be shopping my stash and creating an almost capsule make up collection.  The aim isn't to use things up necessarily, but to get value out of what I already own rather than compulsively shopping in the hopes of finding *that* Holy Grail product.  Saving money would be a bonus, too.  I've got my core pieces sorted (foundation, concealer, brows etc) and will be switching in more seasonal products to experiment with on a monthly (or so) basis.

So here's what's in this first cycle:

Remember Topshop's Head Over Heels?  It's a vintage blogger classic; the peachy coral blush which, in 2017, looks seriously unwearable at first glance.  After seeing this used in Pixiwoo's video I've been experimenting with working this into the skin using a damp sponge.  The result is a really pretty flush to the cheeks which is perfect for low-key make up days.

I've used Benefit Hoola on and off for years and have finally hit pan!  It's the perfect all-rounder...great for warming up the skin or can be used in a more concentrated dose as a contour.  I've also used this as an eyeshadow, both as an all over wash of colour or to add depth to the socket for that perfect 'no make up' look.

The Clinique Chubby Stick in Hefty Highlight is something I never really got my use out of, but once I realised just how many highlighters were in stash I've been inspired to start mixing things up.  So far so good, and I've been using this either on its own or layered under a powder highlight for extra oomph.

My lipstick collection in general has been gathering dust since the liquid lipstick craze hit.  This Dior lipstick, an easy to wear, light glossy formula, is so far removed from anything I've used recently.  In all honesty I'd forgotten I even owned this, but it's been such a joy to wear something low key without having to worry too much about how it's wearing off during the day.  The colour is a perfect nude, and teamed with Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk liner (which I forgot to include here but has also made it back into rotation) it's a dream team.

And finally, as you can see from the inclusion of Hoola, I love a multi-tasker.  MAC's Mocha is described as a "soft plum pink" and is lovely to create a subtle almost contour to the cheeks.  I've also been using it as a neutral eye shadow and loving the effect.

How do you organise (and use!) your make up collection?


  1. I hardly buy makeup now too - aiming for more of a capsule makeup wardrobe if you will! The makeup I do have, I organise in tall drawers along with our body products, hairdryer, straighteners etc. x


  2. God, I needed this post! I too have a whole dresser of makeup that stands largely unused as I tend to reach for the same products on a daily basis. I need to definitely shop my stash and this post has also reminded me to dig out my Head Over Heels blush.

    Great post!

    Leanne xx

  3. Love this. I'll believe it when I see it!
    Test #1, Sunday 5th x

  4. It's going to happen! Although window shopping is totally allowed x

  5. Ah thanks Leanne, glad to have helped!

  6. I rarely buy high end but I'm definitely guilty of buying drugstore as and when. No more, though! x


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