Week 10 In Moments


Well, what happened to last week?  Now that I sit down to write this I can't put my finger on anything I did besides over the weekend - where was my head at?!

One thing that definitely happened was that I've started getting into Instagram stories.  Lizzie always uses it and I think the idea of documenting in that way throughout the day really sits well with my aim for slow living.  It's been a work in progress as I adjust to actually remembering to whip my phone out, but if you'd like to see what I get up to then please head over to my instagram - @lornaliterally.

And on a similar note, I've been obsessively watching other people's feeds now so if you use the feature or have any recommendations for awesome accounts then leave your/their details down below.

Now, on with the week!

I'm starting at the end, having just got home from a drizzly day of shopping with my bestie.  We went to Kingston and both managed to stay quite restrained (I'm on a semi-shopping ban for Lent which I've broken several times but told myself it doesn't count because everything I've bought I've returned....I won't tell if you don't!).  We don't see each other as much as we should and I think I enjoyed the time spent chatting in the car more than the excitement of shopping itself!

I've been taking steps to adjust my eating habits and create a better relationship when it comes to food so have started by attempting to up my protein intake.  I mentioned these sweet omelettes a couple of weeks ago and have whipped them up on both Saturday and Sunday.  With a drizzle of maple syrup and a dollop of natural yoghurt, these are absolute perfection!

Midway through a fairly hectic weekend we spent a lazy Saturday night on the sofa together.  I made turkey fajita bowls, we whacked on The Goldbergs and Dudley snuggled up with us.  Why can't every night feel like a Saturday?

So, how was your week?

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