Week 11 in Moments


Week 11 turned out to be quite a busy one.  My sister came back from being in Australia for the past six weeks, I've been upping my fitness game in terms of training and nutrition and we've had a few mornings where it truly felt as though spring was on its way...albeit followed by a couple of very blustery afternoons.

But there's more!

Here are a few highlights in photos from the week...

As I mentioned, Zara came back from adventuring around Australia since the beginning of February.  It's funny to think of my baby sister off exploring the world on her own....going further afield than any of our family has done before...but the memories she's made and the sights she's seen sound incredible.  She met me for a very jetlagged (on her part - I was just suffering from the usual midweek slump) lunch break and do you see that streak of sunlight there?  We stayed indoors but feeling the warmth of the sun through the window was a welcomed treat.

I'm lucky enough to work close enough to home that I can pop back for my lunch, but had gotten out of the habit for the last few months.  This week I made the trip a couple of times and really enjoyed taking time out of the office to chill out for a bit before heading back to work.  And I think Dudley enjoyed the company too!

So experience has taught me that kids parties are an awkwardly hellish affair. Too loud, too manic, too cliquey - especially when you consider I tend to go in my auntie capacity so don't know any of the other parents...it's just not my thing.  Being the doting aunt that I am, however, last weekend I took Ella to a pottery painting party which turned out to be a very civilised affair!  The venue itself had a coffee shop vibe, with oversized armchairs and homemade cakes, and because it started mid-morning we were back home by lunchtime.  And there were no sugared-up kids running about....more parties like this please!

And as a bonus Moment (without the accompanying snap)....this week we booked out girlie holiday to New York!  I say "we", I mean the organised one of the group to whom I am eternally grateful for pretty much acting as my PA for all social activities.  We're going for a group birthday trip at the end of September and I can't wait!

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