Week 12 in Moments


As I write this post it's 6:30 and there's still light outside...could it be that spring is finally making an appearance? There have been some fairly chilly days this week but it's been a real treat to be heading out in the evening and it not yet being dark.  Now if only it would warm up a bit!

I bought myself some tulips this week because is there any other flower (besides daffodils) which embodies spring as much as this?  I don't much like the bendy stems but there's nothing as cheerful for this time of year.  Buying flowers always feels like such a luxury but it is something I like to do every now and then as a treat, and these are certainly brightening up my days!

Nick went back to Norwich last weekend, so faced with a Saturday afternoon to myself I decide to do a bit of impromptu baking.  I was chuffed to actually find a recipe which I already had the ingredients for and ended up making these protein oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips swapped for raisins).  So these were never going to be as good as gooey oat and raisin cookies but now that I'm making the effort to eat more mindfully I try to find treats that are sit more on the healthy side and these do the job of satisfying a sweet craving.  The recipe didn't call for it, but if I make them again I think I'll squash them into a more traditional flat cookie though.

For Mother's Day my sister and I took Mum to a local cafe for breakfast.  I'm always on the hunt for places that serve breakfasts which are a step away from the ordinary Full English and this was a good'un!  Lots of varieties of eggs, pancakes and a few healthier, granola options too.  I opted for the Mediterranean Breakfast and will definitely be revisiting.

Next week we're officially a quarter of the way through 2017....can you believe it?!

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