Week 9 In Moments


Another week already!  How was week 9 of the year for you?  Now that I come to put this post together it turns out that the last seven days were quite foodie ones (not captured here is a midweek dinner round Dad's, so there would have been even more #forkfeed), but I promise that I did more than just stuff my face all week!

Let's start with the obvious - Pancake Day.  I'm normally a lemon and sugar kinda girl, but this year Nick and I went off piste and made protein pancakes instead.  They turned out to be much quicker to cook and more like an American style pancake only slightly less dense.  I'm a fan, and this year I was all about the maple syrup.  What do you top your pancakes with?

I'd been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect faux leather skirt (not too A-line, not pencil, not too short....the list of criteria was endless) and finally found it in Matalan.  I never look there for clothes but I saw this in a haul video and it ticked all the boxes.  There are lots of embroidered options available at the moment but I think this strikes the balance of 'just enough' detail.  It was a bargain at £16, too!

On Saturday I tried my hand at making Welsh Cakes.  I love these fruity, sugary bites but for some reason have never attempted them myself.  I think it was a success, but the recipe didn't specify how many it would make.  I was anticipating about 12, actually ended up with 30.  Good news though, because if there's a zombie apocalypse then we've got enough Welsh Cakes in the freezer to keep us going for quite some time...

The week rounded off with a shopping trip with Lizzie.  It had been far too long since we'd met up (not since before Christmas!) so we did some pottering about and went for lunch.  I foolishly started to eat before taking a photo (I know right?  And I call myself a blogger!) but this chicken caesar salad was top notch.

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