7 Reasons Why I'm A Bad Feminist


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1.  I refer to the taking out of the bins as a "blue job" and insist it's Nick's responsibility.
2.  I weigh myself every morning and invariably the results will affect my mood for the rest of the day.
3.  I have preconceptions about female drivers.
4. The other night I told Dudley to stop crying "because you're a boy".  I mean, he's only a dog but still...
5.  I had an interview recently with two men.  I instantly felt more nervous than I had at my stage one interview (which was women only) because it felt more 'professional'.
6.  When a guy at work said "you're not a feminist, are you?" I responded with "not a big one" (I am actually ashamed of this).
7.  I went to Topshop to buy the Feminist tee and ended leaving with a t-shirt which says "sugar" across the chest.  As messages go, I'm pretty sure they're as opposite as it can get...

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