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If you haven't read my previous posts you may be unaware that I'm currently operating a capsule wardrobe system.  With clothes on a tight budget it can be tricky to make outfits feel fresh and exciting and I often feel as though I'm just recycling the same look over and over.

Which is where accessories fit in.  The system I go by doesn't count accessories towards your total number, so I like to keep my options open in terms of pieces I can switch in to outfit combinations to mix it up.

It's be fair to say that I was operating on a minimal basis with my jewellery even before I decided to go capsule.  My days of cheap, high street, trend-led pieces were behind me and instead I'd invested in a few quality pieces which I'd mix up daily.  I tend to favour simple, gold-plated sterling silver pieces....the only problem being that this can get expensive.

My thoughts on capsule wardrobes and minimalism becoming more and more influenced by disposable income are a post for another day, and whilst I know that you often get what you pay for I also strongly believe there's a difference in paying a fair price vs. getting ripped off and paying for names and status symbols.

Which is why I wanted to share jewellerybox with you.  They reached out to me recently to see if I'd like to pick a few pieces to feature here and after a quick scroll through their website the answer was a resounding "yes please!"

One of their goals is that buying jewellery should be affordable; they stock over 10,000 pieces of jewellery varying from sterling silver to 9ct gold to rose gold.  To begin I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer choice available, but the site is really easy to navigate and filters down search results perfectly so I could hone in on what it was I was looking for.

Understandably, with such a wide range of stock there's a huge spectrum when it comes to pricing but for the most part I found that everything which caught my eye was really reasonably fact, a fraction of what I'd expect to pay from hyped up brands!

On to the new additions...

This 18ct gold dipped sterling silver bangle is the perfect minimal piece.  I've overlooked bracelets for a while and don't actually own anything gold despite the majority of my necklaces and earrings being in this finish.  I'm looking forward to styling it with pretty much anything and think it'll look great stacked up with other bracelets if I decide to expand my collection in the future.

I've been debating getting a pair of double sided earrings for a while but didn't want to spend too much as I wasn't sure how they'd fit in with my style, so when I spotted this pair it was a no-brainer.  They're sterling silver (perfect for my sensitive ears), a really lovely white tone and less than a tenner.

And finally, with simplicity in mind I thought I'd test out a couple of their studs.  I have a few piercings and love the layered up mix and match look (check out my pinterest board of inspo!) but I also have fairly small ears which means that finding pieces which fit and work well can be a challenge.  I was pleased to see that jewellerybox's studs come in a variation of sizes, starting at 2mm which is what I went for.  The 18ct gold dipped studs were a given but I don't actually own any rose gold studs so thought this was the perfect opportunity.  I love rose gold against silver, so these rose gold dipped sterling silver studs are going to be a great starting point.

I'm really impressed with the quality of everything jewellerybox sent out to me and it's cemented my view that you don't need to be paying over the odds for decent quality pieces.

Do you have a capsule wardrobe?  How do you approach jewellery and accessories?

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