Week 13 In Moments


Last week I reluctantly came to terms with the fact that I must be getting old.  As if my impending birthday isn't reminder enough, I feel as though my body reached a sad turning point with the clock's going forward the other Sunday.

I literally could. not. catch. up. with that missing hour.  On Tuesday I spent a good portion of the day genuinely thinking it was Wednesday, and then woke up the next day assuming it was Thursday.  I was tired all the time.  I considered eye drops, it was that bad.

But then the weekend came, bringing with it the sunshine and springlike feeling.  Hurrah!  So most all of this week's moments are from the last two days when I finally began feeling human again.  And for that I am #sorrynotsorry.

This Mary Poppins print is my new favourite thing and has motivated me to revamp our gallery wall.  It was one of those wonderful Homesense finds that I didn't dare to put down whilst we continued to browse for fear of someone else picking it up.  It rang through the till as "kids print" but I couldn't be happier.

I met up with my besties for lunch (and the chance to meet one's new boyfriend) on Sunday.  We opted for a pub in Windsor offering both Sunday roast and burgers (perfect for all involved!) and it was delicious.  Sometimes I find stepping away from familiar eateries a little daunting, but this reminded me that it can definitely have its benefits.  We were rewarded with fresh well-cooked food, ample portions and this little fella for company.

After lunch we headed back to the car and these photos were taken on our wander through the town and to the car park.  Windsor truly is stunning with a beautiful mix of architecture which I've never really notice before.  I'm glad we took those few extra steps down towards the riverfront to get this snap of the sunlight glistening on the water.  It's reminded me that for these posts in particular it's worth seeking out the beauty in my surroundings.  I also had fun snapping away to document the day as part of my Instagram story.  Something I need to do more often!

So tell me, what did you do to celebrate the warmer weather and lighter evenings last week?

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