Week 14 In Moments


I felt like my head was all over the place these past seven days.  For various reasons it was pretty stressful and chaotic, but wasn't the weekend glorious?

Without meaning to I feel as though I've lost the slow living focus I had at the beginning of the year and have felt my old, busy materialistic ways sneaking back in.  I want to reset myself in this sense and began on Saturday with spending some time in the sunshine with Ella and Dylan.  This snap of these sweet flowers was too good not to share!

I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. Spring in a flower!

We decided to make a change with our monthly book club meeting and met for breakfast instead. I went for Eggs Benedict and, controversially, didn't read the book.  The eggs were poached just to my liking, but the hollandaise was a little too thick.  Breakfast book club is definitely something we'll do in the future though!  Oh, and I now have a copy of the book which I have been instructed to read.  Apparently one of the rules of book club is that you actually read the book....who knew?

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