Week 16 In Moments


I do love a Bank Holiday weekend.  Thanks to having Monday off work, week 16 flew by and it was the weekend again before I knew it.  Which, consequently, is where the majority of my photos are from (I'm working on this!) and as a result this turned out to be a very food-heavy post.

But who's complaining?

Friday. A lunchtime meet up with my sister where we shared this (disappointing) cookie.  It's tempting to work my way through Starbucks' bakery menu, but each time is just such a let down.  After eyeing up their burnt caramel brownie (and wondering how dry it would be) I figured shortbread was a fairly safe bet.  Wrong!  There was no flavour to it and we only managed a mouthful each.  Can you recommend anything for our next trip?

On to something much more delicious.  We decided to do some indoor camping with Ella and Dylan on Saturday, turning the conservatory into a den complete with fairy lights and a DIY campfire.  And what's the obligatory snack whilst camping?  S'mores of course!  With no graham crackers at hand, instead we made these chocolate digestive variations in the oven.  They were a hit.  A messy, sticky, gooey hit.

Speaking of the blanket den, here's Ella reading in the bedroom area she made.  I love seeing how her imagination is growing and the effect that has on her play; she came up with a few different zones (including a fridge!) and insisted that we ate a picnic lunch inside with her.  It was a bit cramped and I ended up with a slight stiff neck but reminded me of the fun we used to have making dens as children.  I used to really enjoy experimenting with different shapes and layouts so hopefully this is something we can revisit in the future.

I've been making Nick and I a sweet omelette to share for Sunday breakfast for a while now so this week I thought I'd mix things up and go with protein pancakes instead.  It's actually a pretty similar recipe, just with the addition of protein powder and a banana.  I used a cinnamon danish powder so these had a lovely warm cinnamon flavour to them.  Topped with natural yoghurt and sugar-free maple syrup they were delish!

And last for the week of food are these cake mix cookies.  I really fancied making some cookies but the cupboards were bare and...well, it's not payday yet.  What I did have was a packet of cake mix so I whipped that up with some chocolate chunks and topped with a sprinkling of sea salt.  They're not perfect but they hit the spot for the time being.

Now tell me, how was your week?

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