Dealing With Blogger's Block: Where I Find Inspiration


Blogging and finding ideas for content can be a tricky thing.  Sometimes I think it's a vicious circle; it's a community of like-minded individuals so everyone's reading the same (or similar) things and thus writing different variations of the same idea.  Either that or people are seeing what's popular and regurgitating those themes for themselves.  And I get it, finding things that are fresh and new is hard.

I regularly find myself drawing a blank when it comes to sitting down to write posts.  I flick between favouring the written word here on my blog, or pretty pictures over on my instagram.  Being faced with a blank page and blogger's block can be seriously demotivating.

But every now and then, inspiration hits.  And lately it's been happening in unexpected places....

Podcasts | I mentioned recently how podcasts have taken the place of music in my daily commute, and they're a fantastic way to consume information.  I listen to a fairly broad variety, from true crime to fashion, but in particular it's podcasts set up by online content creators which I find best to get my brain ticking over.  Something about the conversational aspect of podcasts really helps to spark off ideas for things to write about and a couple of my recent posts have come about in this way.  If you want to see some of my favourite podcasts to listen to, check out this post.

Friends | In terms of the blogging community, it's fair to say that I'm getting on a bit.  My tastes have changed and this has inevitably had an effect on the things that I not only want to read, but to write about too.  Time spent chatting with friends reminds me of what matters to my age group.  It may be the case that 90% of our conversations are relative only to us, but every now and then a topic we've discussed inspires me to share my thoughts on here.  We're far more likely to be debating workplace-appropriate attire than the latest trend to hit Primark, which is why it's great sometimes to step away from the blogosphere and gain a bit of perspective from the real world. 

Facebook | Ok so at odds with finding inspiration offline, I also find Facebook can be a great motivational tool at times.  I've joined a few groups that have piqued my interest and often the articles and links shared there can lead me to discover things which move me to write down my opinions in a post.  There are also plenty of blogger groups on Facebook to join to bounce ideas around as well. 

Blogs | So to come full circle (and despite what I said in the opening paragraphs of this post) there's no denying that blogs are the place where I find inspiration the quickest.  Whether it's a blogger's flair for fashion or take on photography, I often find that immersing myself in the community gets me fired up to write again.  It can even be as simple as the layout of a blog; in times where I've been feeling in a slump towards my blog a revamp has proven to be the kick up the bum I needed to get going again.  It's important to note though that there's a difference between taking inspiration (and giving credit for it if necessary) and outright copying.  The first can be a great way of showing appreciation and creating a dialogue online whilst the second is just not cool.

What do you do when faced with blogger's block?

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