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Unexpectedly, interiors are turning out to be a guilty pleasure of mine.  Scrolling through my most recently followed accounts on my Instagram feed, a lot of them feature homes and interior decoration.  And what appeals to me the most is how most of these homes are spruced up on a budget and that it's actually these finishing touches that bring the whole room together.

Clean and minimal or eclectic and's the attention to detail.

Which kind of goes hand in hand with my general focus for the year: slow living.  Taking the time to appreciate the little moments, the small details and the beauty in my surroundings.

So a chance to work with Desenio felt like the perfect fit when it came to updating our home.  In fact, do you remember back at the beginning of the year when I showed you the new prints we'd decorated our living room with?  I was so impressed with the quality and selection available that I decided to dot a few pieces of their wall art throughout the house.  Starting off with the 'Foret' print above which now hangs proudly above our fireplace.

Moving upstairs, I'd spotted these Earth and moon prints when we made our first order so they were top priority this time round.  I like decorating with things that reflect mine and Nick's personalities and we both agreed that thanks to his sensible and practical nature the Earth poster would go perfectly above his side of the bed whilst I'm much more of the dreamer in our relationship.  The minimalist design of these is in keeping with most of the range Desenio offers and I also ordered a couple of white frames to hang them in.  The walls in this house aren't the best but these are so lightweight that putting them up securely wasn't a problem.

And now for the hallway.  I've shown you our gallery wall before but it had been ages since we've added anything new and it was beginning to feel a bit stagnant.  I'd outgrown a lot of the pieces on display so figured this was the perfect opportunity to freshen things up.

Desenio does botanical prints so well and this green leaf poster was one of many we liked.  And of course I couldn't resist getting another moon-based piece as well!  Both of these work so well to simplify the busyness which was present in our gallery wall (I've moved things around a little's amazing the difference it's made!)and have reminded me that it's good to switch artwork in and out every now and then.

And the best bit is that Desenio are offering 25% off all posters (except the handpicked/frames category) with the code 'LORNA25'.  Get moving though because it's only valid from today (30th May) to 1st June.  I'd love to know what you buy!

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