My Favourite Instagram Story Creators


I feel I should start by saying that the instagrammers I'm about to feature have awesome feeds in general.  I wouldn't have followed if not.

But since dipping my toe into the world of Instagram Stories, I've got a new-found appreciation for those creating and sharing engaging, regular stories.

Here are the ones I look out for:

Starr Clare | This account is a relativly recent find for me but I'm a big fan of Starr Clare's colourful rock-chick (that felt like a really cringey "mum" thing to say) style.  She's one of the people who inspired me to try out Stories and I'd definitely recommend checking her out.

Blue October | Ahh I couldn't not mention Lizzie!  She arrived home from travelling last summer, immediately got on board with stories and attempted to drag me up to date with her.  It's happened at last and I still regularly check in with her feed to see what she's up to (and where she's been eating!).  As with her feed in general, Lizzie's Stories are candid, often tongue in cheek and fun to check in with.

I Covet Thee | Now it's not often that I feature a *big* blogger in these sort of posts, but I've really been enjoying watching Alix's stories.  Her content is always consistent and her stories feel like a cohesive extension of her online presence.  I particularly like the fact that it feels like a more intimate, behind the scenes type affair, thanks to the pared down editing which goes hand in hand with Stories.

Amalie Lee | Amalie is a recovered anorexic and I find her body positive posts and Stories a breath of fresh air.  Without being preachy, Amalie takes on clean eating and diet culture and adds a heavy dose of perspective to the fitness craze that seems to be taking over my explore page.  I've been struggling with body image of late so Amalie's straight talking is just what I needed.

Glameramo | Georgia's account in general is one of my favourites for fashion inspiration and her Stories are no different.  I regularly check in for outfits and updates and love that she is more than happy to interact with readers and answer questions (i.e. me when I ask where her clothes are from....)

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