The Month In 10 Links: April


1. 13th on Netflix - a must-watch documentary about racial inequality within America's justice system.
2.  I often find it hard to tune in and listen properly to American podcasts but I've really been enjoying listening to Lena Dunham's Women of the Hour.
3.  Jane's Patisserie, for all of the Easter baking goodness!
4.  I've been itching to give our kitchen a facelift with a coat of paint for a while now.  We've been considering a dark grey but after reading this post I'm leaning towards an inky navy blue instead.
5.  Watching an episode or two of Coupling has become a nightly routine this month. I used to watch this back when it was on tv and I've really enjoyed looking back on the old fashions....and spotting some that have come full circle!
6.  I've had my eye on the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand for aaaages I add it to my birthday list?!
7.  And speaking of my birthday list, I think the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess palette is a must. 
8.  This episode of CTRL, ALT, DELETE with Julia White has got me all fired up to get using my Twitter account again.
9.  Olivia's guide to Winchester has got me wanting to make a trip again. Nick and I did it a couple of years ago but didn't really know where we were wandering.  Armed with Olivia's tips I'd love to go back!
10.  I loved this video from Sophia and Cinzia! It reminded me of exactly the sort of thing me and my bestie would have done hungover on a Sunday and was perfect viewing

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