The Month In 10 Links: May


1.  I absolutely loved this video on incorporating colour into your capsule wardrobe.
2. Thirteen Reasons Why was a slow burner for me, but over the latter half of the series I became well and truly hooked.
3. I know it's a cheek but I'm plugging my new blog, Spent With Intent again.   It's my journey through managing my money and I'd love for you to join me.
4.  Speaking of which, one of the inspirations behind my new venture was this podcast...
5.  ....featuring Roe from BrownKids.
6.  Girlboss.  Excellent light relief.
7.  Seeking out amazing interiors on instagram is a guilty pleasure and Reena's account is my new obsession.
8.  The Struggle for the Perfect Body came at just the right time on my shift towards self-acceptance and body positivity.
9.  I've been asked to think of what sort of birthday cake I'd like and this salted caramel cheesecake is top of my list!
10.  This post on how to be more mindful when shopping.

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