Week 17 In Moments


After saying last week that I hoped to take more photos throughout the week for these posts...I've failed massively.

In actual fact, week 17 turned out to be pretty full.  But I guess maybe that's the contradiction of blogging and having an online persona....if you spend your time documenting everything with pretty photos, are you truly in the moment?

So although photos are thin on the ground I do actually have quite a bit to update you on.  Mainly that I finally made solid plans for my upcoming birthday.  We're heading to a karaoke bar and then for cocktails afterwards.  Now the only thing to settle is what to wear?  My nights out are few and far between so outfits leave me with a crisis of confidence.  Fingers crossed I find something!

Another biggie last week was that our fish tank crashed.  I say "our" but it's really Nick's labour of love and sadly there was an ammonia spike which killed all but one of the fish.  A quick scroll back through my instagram confirmed that we'd had one of them for nearly five years, so the tank looks really strange without him.  We're trying to turn it into a positive though (it was a marine tank so Nick had invested a lot of time, effort and money into it all) and use this as an opportunity to build things up with different colours, corals and fish so it looks better than ever.

Oh, and because it wouldn't be a weekly reflection without mentioning food....I haven't baked anything but Nick and I did manage to squeeze in a cheeky trip to the carvery.  Roast dinners aren't my favourite but every now and then I get a real craving; this one really hit the spot!

Right, now for the photos....

Mum and I won't be looking after Ella and Dylan throughout May so on Saturday I had a lie in for the first time in recent memory.  It was lovely to wake up naturally and then not rush to get straight up.  I finished off my book (The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O'Neill....so good!) and then we had breakfast in bed.  It was a real treat, even if I did miss spending time with my favourite niece and nephew!

My nails have been in terrible condition lately so I've gone for a Shellac manicure to try and keep them in good shape.  My sister is a nail technician and we went for this rainbow chrome effect.  The photo doesn't do them justice...they're the mermaid nails of my dreams I can't stop looking at them!

How was your week?  And more importantly, how are you spending the Bank Holiday Monday?!

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