Week 18 In Moments


I'm sat here writing this on a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon thinking...what a perfect end to the week!  I didn't think I'd have too much to reflect on here but it turns out I've been quite busy.  Four day weeks are always a pleasure and the beautiful weather today is just the icing on the cake.

Early on in the week I re-did my capsule wardrobe.  I'd succumbed to buying a few pieces here and there and had lost track of what was actually in my wardobe and how cohesive it was as a whole.  So I went back to basics and even had a clear out of the seasonal items I'd stashed away, switching things in to keep up with the change in season.  I feel much more focused again now and am looking forward to experimenting with my style.

Speaking of style, I've been stepping out of my comfort zone lately and finding myself inspired by people and trends I wouldn't usually notice.  Linen is usually a fabric I stay away from, but this linen shirt has become a favourite in my wardrobe and I love the relaxed feel it gives to an outfit.  Lizzie took this photo for me when we met for lunch on Sunday and I think it's the perfect off duty look.

And as if lunch wasn't enough, we also stopped off for coffee (for Lizzie) and cake (for me) afterwards.  This pistachio and amaretti tiffin was the business...which is more than can be said for the lighting.  Caffe Nero - full points for marble table tops but those glaring overhead lights make flat lays a nightmare!

And finally, this photo of Beau was too cute not to share.  I'm sure she knows the exact moment when I'm planning to wash the bed sheets and turns on all the charm so I feel bad disturbing her.  Anybody else's cat guilty of the same?

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