Week 19 in Moments


To cut a long story short, last week I was pretty much left unattended at work.  By that I mean of my two experienced support team colleagues, one's left the firm and the other had the week off as holiday.  We've got a replacement for one but I'd been dreading being the "experienced" one on the team.  But do you know what?  I only blimmin' well coped!  Not only that, I've learnt to trust my instinct more and doubt myself less.  Without the safety net of my co-workers I've realised that I can do it on my own...and it's a pretty good feeling.

Another good thing was stumbling upon this framed print in TK Maxx.  You may remember I bought this Mary Poppins one last month so I was chuffed to find a Marilyn Monroe inspired piece by the same artist.

A midweek lunch date with my sister is becoming somewhat of a custom and it's a treat I really look forward to.  We meet in Starbucks and are slowly working our way through their cake offerings...often documenting it in these weekly posts!  This burnt caramel brownie was our favourite so far.  I'm yet to be wowed by anything we've tried but this was definitely rich and satisfying.

Speaking of my sister, on Saturday we got the train to our nearest 'big' town centre for a day of shopping.  Getting the train every now and then takes some of the stress out of shopping for me as it means you don't have to worry about battling Saturday traffic, fighting for a parking space and then paying extortionate car park rates.  It was also a wonderfully cheap day out for me as I had empties to return to both MAC and Lush so came home with a shiny new lipstick and face mask.  Bonus!

And finally, yes this is another photo of coffee shop food but can you see what else is there?  Shadows...which means the sun was shining!  Still not warm enough to sit outside, but we nabbed a table by the window instead.  Roll on summer.

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