Week 22 In Moments


Week 22....wow.  Even scarier is that we're now over halfway through the final seven days of my twenties.  Yup, I'm hitting the big 3-0 this Thursday and can vouch that it's definitely true that life doesn't quite turn out how you imagined it.

But that's a chat for another day....on to the antics of the past week!

I'm sneaking this pic in as, although I made these banana muffins the Sunday before last, we've been making our way through them all week.  They've got a Nutella-stuffed centre and the banana has stopped them from drying out - delicious!

One of my good friends from secondary school came back from America for a flying visit this month.  It's her first birthday in the UK since we were 14 so we hit the town, starting with cocktails.  It turned out to be a mini reunion of sorts and was great to see some familiar faces to catch up.  And it got me excited for my birthday celebrations next weekend, despite opting for virgin cocktails.  That definitely won't be the case next week...

This was my wake up call the following morning, along with the awful news about the attacks in London.  My blog's never been a place where I share my political views or wade in on current affairs, but it didn't feel right to not even mention the atrocities that have been taking place in the UK recently.  Such sad news and my thoughts are with all affected.

Cooking a roast dinner has been on my to do list since Nick and I moved in together years ago.  Like most abstract goals I've never got round to it so was determined to do so before turning 30.  My expectations weren't high but I impressed myself.  Check out those homemade Yorkshire Puddings....and the cauliflower cheese was pretty damn good too!

Three full days until my birthday; is there anything else I need to tick off my bucket list?!

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