Week 25 In Moments


Can you believe we're at the midway point of the year already?  I've seen posts floating around on Facebook saying we're 6 months from Christmas, and seeing the week number written down here makes it even more real!

So this week saw us dealing with a heatwave.  Nick and I went to see Jimmy Carr live (which was excellent, although very hot!) and I took Thursday and Friday off work so had a lovely four day weekend.  This photo of Coco pretty much sums up the mood of the week, though....duvet chucked on the floor, chilling out and far too hot to move.

Speaking of my time off, I took myself to the library and came home with this stash of books.  I'd forgotten the excitement of browsing the shelves and finding something I'd been meaning to read, then coming home with arms laden with books.  In all the excitement I forgot to take a proper pic, so here's one from my Instagram Stories.  I've been making much more of an effort to update regularly, so be sure to follow if you want to see more of what I'm up to.

By complete contrast, these are the books I bought from The Works on Saturday.  I quite often find hidden gems in there and this book on simple living was too appealing to pass up.  My non-book-reading sister also had a couple catch here eye whilst we were there and ended up leaving with more than me!

And the week rounded off with a trip to the garden centre.  It's somewhat of a weekend routine for Nick and I (marine fish tanks need a lot of upkeep) and I've been thinking about buying a few more cacti for a while now.  Somehow I've managed to kill the majority of those we have already, so I've been weighing up whether I'll actually be able to keep any new additions alive!

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