Weeks 23 & 24 In Moments


I'm in two minds about how I feel for missing last week.  There's a big need for consistency within me and I really wanted to make it through the whole year not missing a weekly photo update.  Plus week 23 was my birthday week, meaning there were plenty of activities and chances to capture memories.  But then there's the thing; I was so busy making memories that I just wanted to bask in that enjoyment for a little while longer rather than rushing to turn it into "content".

I almost decided to miss out week 23 entirely, but then the perfectionist won out so here I am with a bumper Week(s) In Moments....

So as I've already mentioned, the main event was hitting the big 3-0 which, incidentally, feels ancient in the blogging world.  Real life though, it's a good feeling.  I'm the youngest of our friendship group and had been told that turning 30 was great....honestly, I was dubious, but so far so good!  Oh, and I guess I should mention my new hair here too.  Truthfully this one snuck in at the end of week 22 and it's taken me a while to adjust to being a bottle blonde again.  I think I just went for too many things at once....bleach, fringe trim and all over re-style....but I think I've found my groove and am loving the fact that I (maybe accidentally) have had a style shake up.

My birthday fell on a Thursday but it was a weekend of celebration which started off with taking Ella and Dylan for a picnic at Virginia Waters.  We got there early enough to enjoy the surroundings without the usual crowds of people, and the weather was ideal for ice creams in the sunshine without getting too hot.

Onto the evening celebrations....I managed to get an awesome deal on a karaoke booth, giving us an hour of singing our hearts out plied with booze.  It was such fun, went by in a flash, and I'd definitely recommend.  Make sure you look on groupon for deals if this is something you fancy, as it only ended up costing us £6 a head!  We moved on to a cocktail bar afterwards and had the best time; can I celebrate turning 30 every Saturday night please?!

We had a (slightly hungover) festival-inspired family barbecue the next day complete with glitter, balloons, garden games, floral crowns and my favourite tunes from each decade of my life.  Shout out to my wonderful family for organising the perfect end to the perfect weekend!  Here I am with the main party planner, my younger sister, and I couldn't be more thankful.  Weekends like this make me realise just how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

Speaking of wonderful people....these little guys!  Ella and Dylan make every family event that little bit more joyful and it's hard to remember a time without their laughter and playfulness in the air.  They both loved this piñata, then finished off the afternoon with a water fight and snuggles on the sofa after changing into dry clothes.

But what do I love almost as much as my niece and nephew?  That's right.  Cake.  We had a build your own burger bar (with so. much. cheese. choice) then Mum topped it all off with this ah-may-zing salted caramel cheesecake.  There are no words to describe how incredible this tasted.

And now onto Week 24.  I had the foresight to book the Monday off work, which made it feel like a really short week that went by in a flash.  After a particularly hot and sticky weekend, we finished things off with a pub lunch in the sunshine on Sunday.  Glorious.  On reflection these past two weeks have been filled in the best way possible; with family and friends.  And long may it continue!

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