The Month In 10 Links: July


1.  This video sharing experiences of utilising the capsule wardrobe.
2.  My pinterest board dedicated to hair has been getting a lot of action lately.  I'm tempted to grow my hair out slightly and add some layers so the more inspiration the better!
3.  This episode of The Minimalists podcast discussing how to become a better writer.
4.  Booktube videos are some of my favourites to watch and Lauren's enthusiasm is infectious!
5.  Dear White People.  After the stir the trailer caused I was dubious but ended up loving this.
6. I'm obsessed with all things Biscoff and next on my list to make are these mini cheesecakes!
7.  Singing Bones, exploring origins and reincarnations of well-known fairytales.
8.  A little bit in love with these mules.  Maybe not for summer, but I think they'll be perfect for autumn.
9.  I challenge anyone not to think twice about their fashion consumer habits after watching The True Cost.
10. Navy walls.  Love 'em.

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