Week 26 In Moments


The mid-way point of the year has been and gone!!!!!

As usual, it was a week of work and such rounded off with a lovely weekend during which this week's post's photos were taken....

Saturday was my sister's birthday so we decided to head down to Bournemouth for the day.  After a week of iffy weather we were treated to a day where the sun was shining but it wasn't too hot and it made for a lovely trip.  I mean, with views like this what's not to love?

The main point of the trip was to visit the Oceanarium.  I hadn't been for years and it was so much better than I remembered.  Ella and Dylan both enjoyed it and it was particularly nice for me because Nick joined us so I got to spend the day with all of the people I love together.  Got a bit soppy there, didn't I?  Anyway.....Nick's really knowledgeable about all things to do with the animal kingdom so it was a bit like having our own tour guide which was a bonus!

We wandered through the town for a bit afterwards and Ella and I ended up in Lush.  I was so impressed with how the staff spoke to Ella and got her involved in all the products; I treated myself to my favourite conditioner (American Cream FYI) and Ella was treated to a hands-on demo of a bath bomb of her choice.  She left with a big smile on her face and told me she loved it.

The birthday fun didn't end on the day itself and on Sunday we went for brunch at Frankie & Benny's.  I'll be honest, it was a big disappointment and both Mum and I ended up sending our food back.  We never do that, but after a 40 minute wait our food was cold and we'd gone past the point of being hungry.  It wasn't a total let-down though, as we went for a leisurely browse through town afterwards and I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces I needed.

And that was week 26!  The weekend was busy but had that satisfying feeling of not being too frantic...I hope your weeks were just as good?  Tell me below!

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