Week 27 In Moments


Woah, what a scorcher!  I know the heatwave was a couple of weeks ago now, but this week felt like the first time I really got out and about in the sun and felt the heat.  Working in an air-conditioned office means I'm oblivious to the temperature of the outside world, whereas when I worked in a school I used to check the weather every day before getting dressed.  I'm not one for basking in the sun, so I'll take air con any day!

Our annual work summer picnic is what got me out of the office on Thursday afternoon.  I hadn't fully anticipated the temperature and wearing jeans was a mistake!  It was, however, lovely to get a chance to socialise with people.  Because of the layout of our offices we're actually quite isolated and chances to get to know people are pretty much non-existent.  At last year's picnic I'd only been working there a couple of weeks and was still finding my feet, so having a chat and feeling more relaxed and confident was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Mum and I had a slow Saturday morning running errands and taking Ella to the library before coming home for lunch.  Mum instilled a love of reading in me and some of my fondest childhood memories involve trips to the library so I'm dead pleased that Ella shares our love for books.  Plus if I'm taking books out of the library it means I'm not spending any money on them, which is always a bonus!  Back at home, these banana bear toasts (ok, sandwich thins this weekend!) are Ella and Dylan's lunch of choice lately.  An Auntie Lorna specialty with plenty of Nutella...what's not to love?

And finally, because it's been a while, I thought I'd round things off with a photo of Dudley.  This was him, already worn out by the heat, mid-morning on Sunday.  He loves sitting out in the garden in the sunshine but this weather is too much even for him!

What a terribly British, weather-centric week in moments this was!  How was last week for you?

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