Week 28 In Moments


Boy, this week really took it out of me.  By Wednesday I felt dead on my feet....Thursday morning all I could think about was how I wanted an early night.  Both Friday and Saturday I found myself still awake at gone 1am.  And then Sunday I almost managed a lie in....all ready to start again with a new week!

The big news this week is that I finally got a new phone!  I opted for the iPhone7 so to look at it's essentially the same as my old phone....important difference being that I upgraded massively on the memory capacity.  For months I've been struggling to even take a couple of new photos without the message popping up that I'm low on storage.  I couldn't even do the update to allow me the option to remove the stocks app.  Yeah, things were *that* bad.  So I've gone for a whopping 128GB in the hopes that I don't have to go through all that again, however I want to remain considered into what I store and keep things as (digitally) clutter-free as possible.

I was in the mood for baking this week and decided that Jane's recipe for white chocolate and caramel blondies would hit the spot.  I've only ever had one disappointing attempt at making blondies but these were a definite success.  Considering the caramel is only drizzled across the top prior to baking the flavour somehow still lingers throughout.  I'm glad to have added these to my tray bake repertoire!

And, finding myself with caramel to spare, I thought I'd experiment with a quick fudge recipe.  I stuck to the foundation of melting the caramel and white chocolate together but this time added Biscoff biscuits and a sprinkling of sea salt to create salted caramel fudge.  Nick is rapidly making his way through these...we both agreed that perhaps we like them even more than the classic white chocolate and Oreo fudge!

Last exciting thing this week....I got my nails did!  I never used to be a professional manicure kinda gal but with a qualified nail technician as a sister it seems silly not to make use of her! My nails are pretty rubbish - always peeling and flaking - but having regular gel manicures has really helped improve their condition and they've never looked better.  After a few months of chrome nails I thought I'd go back to basics with this pretty peachy pink shade.  We changed the shape of my nails as well and I'm really pleased with the effect...she's a mobile nail technician so if you think you may live in the same area as me and want to know more, drop me an email and I'll link you to her Facebook page!

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