Week 29 In Moments


Week 29 was pretty good!  A bit slower than the week before, with a book club catch up and a couple of spinning sessions thrown in.  It did, however, end with a stomach bug.  As I write this I'm in my pjs on the sofa seriously considering turning in for an early night.

But onwards and upwards, here are the highlights of the past seven days:

On Friday night we had a family meal celebrating my stepsister's birthday.  It was nice to get together again and we went to a local gastropub I'd never visited before.  It's a family-run place and having this guy for company was a bonus.  I had the best burger (with some seriously cheesy garlic bread to start) and went home with an extremely full stomach.  There was also a downpour that evening which made things feel extra cosy...is it too soon to say I'm quite looking forward to autumn now?

On Saturday Lizzie and I meet up for a much needed catch up.  It involved a delicious oversized fondant fancy (one of my favourite cakes FYI) followed by a trip to Topshop.  I've gotten so much better with impulse shopping (talked myself out of various purchases throughout the day, ask Lizzie!) but couldn't resist this tee.  I spotted it as soon as we walked in and it was the only one left in my size - I had no choice!

We also headed to one of our favourite haunts: Homesense.  There's a retail park nearby with both TK Maxx and Homesense and it's been too long since we made a trip.  These cute ceramic plant pots caught my eye, but with my track record of killing things (cacti and succulents included) I decided it best to leave them behind.

And finally, on to a slow Sunday morning before my stomach bug kicked in!  Coco woke us up trying to get under the covers and I got through a couple of samples I'd been meaning to read on my kindle before finally getting up.  Shame things went downhill from there!

Fingers crossed it's a 24 hour thing.  Hopefully your weekend was better than mine!

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