Week 30 In Moments


So last week involved a (sick) day off from work, saying goodbye to Mum as she headed off on her summer holidays, lots of reading and a chilled out weekend with Nick.

Shall we dive straight in?

I was in the Fri-yay spirit so whipped up another batch of white chocolate and caramel blondies to see us through the weekend.  They're becoming a fail-safe recipe and this time around I used a different caramel sauce and didn't double up the measurements.  They're much squidgier than last time and not as thick....I daresay they're bordering on undercooked, however Nick loves them!  Should I be embarrassed to admit that we've nearly eaten our way through this slab in two days?

It's becoming more and more common for things I buy online to be sent straight back, so as a rule I am trying to avoid online shopping.  But payday had hit and I was feeling spendy.  From the stock photo this looks like a great versatile dress for my wardobe, but on closer inspection (post-ordering, of course) I wonder if it'll be too thin and sheer.  My gut feeling is that this is another one I'll be returning.

So I said that this was a week with lots of reading and this was my view on Sunday morning.  It's becoming tradition for Beau to nestle in whilst Nick sleeps and I read, with Coco watching from the windowsill, and this weekend was no exception.  This book had one of my favourite lines I've read for a while....'there is no need to outgrow small pleasures'....and waking up early to read in bed has always been a treat for me.

And what's a Sunday morning without breakfast in bed?  I decided to use up the last of the bread (and the final banana) by making French toast.  A hint of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey...delicious!  I can't think of any better way to round off the week.

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