Why Turning 30 Was Awesome


I don't want to get all cliche here, but turning 30 wasn't the crisis I thought it'd be.

I mean, my sister gleefully told me I'd sprung some grey hairs and everybody in the office now knows my actual age....but d'you know what?  I'm good with both.

(Ok so perhaps it's because I can bleach over the greys and I'm hanging on to the fact that most people at the gym place Nick and I at least 4 years younger than we are, but still!)

I'm not going to pretend that I woke up on my birthday and was suddenly sorted.  My shit is definitely not yet together.  But I don't think life is ever quite what you imagined it would be and although I'd be lying if I said I haven't had a couple of "WAIT.  I'm no longer in my 20s" moments, I'd definitely say I'm on my way to creating the happiest life I could have...free from outside noise and pressure of how my life *should* look.

Because that's the thing.  I've chilled out hugely.  I admit it, 'high strung', 'high maintenance', 'bossy', 'needy' have all been used to describe me in the past, but I just don't feel it anymore.  There's this inner sense of calm which has been brewing over the last year and I'm feeling pretty zen right now.

So I might not 'know myself' but here's five things I do know:

1 | I know who my friends are and I'm hugely grateful to have them in my life.
2 | I know that I'm blessed to have such a close knit family that supports each other.
3 | I know that I'm taking steps to better myself in my career, but I also know more realistically how I want that career to look.
4 | I know what I don't have time for, what's worthy of my energy and when to call it quits.
5 | I know that I value people and experiences over things and that I no longer want to be driven by consumer culture and influenced enabled so heavily by what I see online.

Navigating my 20s was hard and I've no doubt that this next chapter will bring its own challenges to the mix.  I still feel the pressure to impress and live up to society's standards.  And no, I haven't made peace with my body just yet.  But it just feels less frenzied than as a 20-something.  So would I go back?

Not a chance.

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