Conversations Around Money: An Introduction


You may be aware that I started my own personal finance journey blog a month or two ago.  It's something I spoke about in my mission statement post and is one of the things I'm going to incorporate on here.

You see, years of involvement in the blogging community has seriously effed my finances up.  I take me share of the blame (it's accurate to say I am categorically bad with money) but there's no doubt I was never this destructive before blogging.

In fact, I remember a time pre-blogs when I treated myself to a pair of boots from River Island.  They weren't particularly expensive (£45 or less) and it was around my birthday so I likely used birthday money to buy them.  I debated it for over a fortnight.  And when I walked in and put my money on the counter to pay I felt both guilty and thrilled at the same time.  But unlike in recent years and with recent purchases, the guilt faded and the excitement stayed the same.

I loved those boots and and would genuinely put it down to the fact that they were a treat at a time when pacifying myself through purchases didn't happen often.

But blogging has brought with it a new wave of spending habits.  Living vicariously through a favourite blogger is something we all do, but for me the trouble comes when I start to spend* like them too.  Fashion is fast and social media makes it faster.  The latest lipstick craze?  I'll take one in every colour.

Years of this mindset has left me in a mess.  I've had moments of cold panic looking at my bank balance a week after payday and wondering how I'll make very little last the next few weeks with birthday presents still to buy and social events yet to attend.

Blog now, get into debt later.

I hit breaking (and flat out broke) point.

But why am I telling you this?  The simplest reason is to explain my shift in values and introduce a new feature here.  But the why behind that shift is that I think it's a conversation which needs to be had.

We're prudes about money (unless it's an "I dropped £500 on Cult Beauty" video.  Just no.)  Money management isn't something I was taught in school and the general feeling I'm getting online is that I'm not alone.

I'll go back to my earlier statement: I am bad with money.  But in the two months since I've had my head in the personal finance game I've built my savings from nothing to a target sum which I'm proud of and I've stopped going overdrawn to boot.  But don't come here looking for advice because no doubt I'll stumble along the way.  It won't stop me sharing my journey and talking about money though.

Come here if you want to see an average millenial working towards mindful money management.

Come here for tips and tricks I've learnt and resources I think are useful.

But most importantly, come here if you think conversations around money are of value to you and you want to be part of a community of people who feel the same.

*(debatable with the abundance of undisclosed PR freebies)

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