Week 31 In Moments


Wow, week 31 already.  Not going to lie, it got off to a rough start when I thought I was due a 3 day weekend this week coming.  Damn you iPhone calendar for listing Scottish Bank Holidays as well!

I'm feeling rested after a slow but steady week and a chilled out weekend.  I think I mentioned it, but we don't have Ella and Dylan throughout summer and although I miss seeing them every Saturday it's also nice to have a slower start to the mornings and the luxury of doing whatever takes my fancy.

My orchid bloomed again this week. It's the third round of flowers even though this time I thought I'd killed it off for good.  I'm not known for my green fingers so having nurtured this through various life cycles I'm actually quite attached to it.  It's brightens up my kitchen windowsill and makes me smile to see it.

Speaking of slow Saturdays, Nick is notorious for the length of time it takes him to get ready and leave the house.  So much so that I've resorted to telling him all social events start at least 30 minutes before they actually do...and even then it's hit or miss.  But rather than getting frustrated whilst waiting for him, this weekend I decided to take myself off to Costa for a Me Date.  Armed with a notepad and pen, I plugged myself in to a couple of podcasts and drafted out a couple of blog posts.  I wrote much more than I'd ever anticipated and really enjoyed the process of putting pen to paper.  Definitely something I'm going to repeat more often.

I finally got round to selling a few bits on eBay and made a little more than I'd hoped to so decided to treat myself to this top.  I know, I know....defeats the object of scaling down my wardrobe by selling clothes if I'm just going to add more but this one ticked all the boxes for me.  Lately I've felt inspired to inject a bit more colour into my everyday outfits....it doesn't get much more vibrant than this!  It'll be a good piece for work and was a bargain as well.

Ignoring the fact that I'm in desperate need of some hand cream here...I got my nails done!  It's becoming a habit showing off my latest manicure and when I look back at this post I'm dead chuffed with how much my nails have grown.  I think it's a combination of a more varied diet, the change in shape and the use of a gel basecoat for added strength.  By my next appointment I think I'll be at my goal length!

What were the highlights of your last week?

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