Week 32 In Moments


Last week was good.  I've started going back to Body Balance classes, taken time for self-reflection and feel as though I'm connecting with myself a little better and making positive changes.

I also got some of the boring, behind the scenes blog stuff in hand and it's actually given me a lot more motivation.  I've been making an effort to engage more on Twitter as well, so if you don't already follow me (@lornaliterally) come over and say hi!

I started the week by making these chocolate chip cheesecake bars.  The base of this is to die for (and so easy to make!) but Nick and I aren't sold on the texture and flavour of the cheesecake layer so I took the majority in to work.  They were a hit at the office, but I think if I were to make them again I'd substitute the cheesecake for a layer of caramel.  Sounds heavenly, right?!

I also started experimenting with my style a bit more last week.  I still use a capsule wardrobe system but it was all starting to look a bit muted and tonal, plus I feel as though I'd gotten into a rut with the combinations I was wearing.  This top was a new addition from the week before last and I would normally have played it safe with a plain belt.  I know adding a leopard print belt isn't anything too outrageous, but it's a step in the right direction and has inspired me to keep playing with pieces I already own.

On Saturday I met with Lizzie for a catch up.  We chatted a little about blogging, made some future plans and then browsed M&S for a bit.  Maybe it's a sign of my age but I quite enjoy looking for good quality basic items in there!  The day was even better because I managed to sneak in a quick trip to the library prior to our meeting.  I didn't emerge with arms weighed down by books but I always find that time spent in the library is good for the soul.

And finally, on Sunday, I went for a quick shopping trip with my sister.  We're quite lucky that our local town is big enough to house everything we'd need but not so big that you end up going overboard with spending.  The main reason for our excursion was to collect this Gucci-inspired belt and we also managed to squeeze in a cake whilst making plans for our upcoming trip to Amsterdam.

Speaking of which, if you have any recommendations for activities please leave them down below!

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