Week 33 In Moments


Hot on the heels of my introduction to my journey towards mindful money management, last week was the week I spectacularly fell off the wagon.  Part of me doesn't want to admit it but then a big part of me would feel like a huge hypocrite if I wasn't honest.  Plus there's a certain friend no doubt reading who will definitely call me out if I'm not.

I got sucked in to online shopping again.  A pair of shoes I'd been lusting after for months went into sale.  So I bought them in two sizes to try on.  Then decided the colour wasn't right so re-ordered a black pair.  Then decided I simply *must* own a tea dress so went on a hunt for one.  The dress I ordered wasn't a tea dress (nor was the second one I added to my bag to qualify for free delivery), but please tell me I'm not alone in falling down a black hole and buying for the sake of buying?  Oh, and to round things off I ordered a pair of trousers because they're the perfect autumnal shade and I think we can all agree that summer 2017 is pretty much over, right?

I'm ending the week on a small high though because (with the exception of the black shoes (which were always going to be keepers) and the second dress (only a tenner in the sale, too))...I took everything back.  I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now, and also pretty disappointed when I add up what I spent in total.  Just goes to show how easy it is to get carried away.

But anyway, besides seven days of shopping, what else happened last week?

On Wednesday we had our monthly book club meet up and the book we'd read was Rebecca.  I'd heard a lot about it online so thought we decided to give it a go and ended up all feeling positive about it.  It generated a lot of discussion and it's funny to look back at when we started and veered towards YA literature for ease, but now we're opting for classics!  I think it works particularly well because there are more discussion questions available online for the older books so gives us a chance to really get to the deeper layers of whatever it is we've read. Next month...Pride and Prejudice!

On Saturday I took myself off to Costa for another writing session.  I always thought that sitting alone in a coffee shop would feel odd and that I'd get far too distracted with people watching to concentrate but actually being away from my home comforts is perfect for focus.  I take a notebook with me and scribble out posts by hand and I think that alleviates some of the writer's block I can tend to get whilst sat at my computer.  Oh, and this photo isn't as random as it seems....my local Costa sits inside Next so I couldn't resist checking out their homeware section on my way out.  Didn't buy anything though!

Mum's been on holiday for the past few weeks so on Sunday to Guildford with her and my sister.  Sundays always feel like much less of a frenzied shopping experience and it was nice to stop for lunch before heading off to browse return the bulk of my online orders.  And full disclosure, I may have bought my perfect AW coat but it was a bargain in TK Maxx and we all know what happens if you don't buy things you like there and then!

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