Week 34 in Moments


Last week was one of planning.  There's been talk of some redecorating the kitchen so we've been throwing around ideas for that, as well as making plans to reshuffle the library and my study area.  Nick's also got it in his head that we need a new tv (a Panasonic 4K TV is a strong contender!) so he's been spending an insane amount of time discussing it with anyone who'll listen (I've actually just had to drag him out of Mum's house where he was chewing my stepdad's ear off about it).  I won't complain too much though...it's become a bit of a routine that we head down to our local retail park and I leave him in the techie store whilst I get to look for hidden gems in Homesense.  That place makes my soul happy!

Oh, and the final plans....an itinerary for our trip to Amsterdam this week! 

I'd say that this photo of Dudley pretty much sums up my overall mood last week.  It felt like an uphill struggle and I'd place the blame on the fact that I didn't get a particularly good night's sleep on Sunday and it had a knock on effect throughout the week.  I skipped the gym more times than I'd like and I seem to be catching the cold that's made it's way around the office as well.  I'm hoping that a weekend of rest means I'm on the mend.

After my online shopping fiasco last week I ended up sending back the shoes I'd deemed "keepers" (turned out to be faulty!) but couldn't stop thinking about this skirt which I'd seen during my many wasted hours of window shopping.  I decided to bite the bullet and purchase (with a lot of enabling encouragement from my bestie) although, with the model having an extra 7.5 inches on me, I'm sure it'll be too long.  This outfit is just perfection though, so I'm hoping Mum will be able to take the skirt up slightly!

This Saturday was the first all summer holidays where we looked after the little ones again and I was more than happy to share my Costa 'me date' time with Ella whilst Dylan stayed home with Grandad.  With plans to work our way through the menu (caramel fudge frostino sounds like heaven), Ella began with this Belgian chocolate iced drink.  She'll be starting school in September and I'm feeling more aware than ever to spend and enjoy every opportunity with them both so I'm glad to be back to routine with our Saturday mornings together.

Rounding off the week, Nick and I headed out for a date night.  We're not really a foodie couple, so eating out doesn't sit high on our priorities.  It does make it a nice treat when it happens though!  I also made a conscious effort (with the exception of taking this picture) to leave my phone in my bag; it's all too easy to stay connected to the online world rather than being present in the moment and it felt good to be making the effort to enjoy real life.  Definitely something I'll be doing more of.

Next week should be a good'un as I'm spending Monday-Thursday in Amsterdam.  If you're not already, be sure to follow my Instagram where I'll be updating my story throughout.  Pray for good weather, people!

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