The Month In 10 Links: September


1.  The shearling aviator.  I've seen it on bloggers galore and think it's a must have autumn purchase!
2.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about these boots after an Ella-enabled trying on session.  They were definite payday purchases!
3.  Sometimes the ideas discussed go above my head, but I've really been enjoying Under The Skin as a break from the usual light relief I opt for in podcasts and YouTube videos.
4.  Sade's instagram is a new find but I'm hooked already.  Love the aesthetic, love the communication alongside her posts and love following her stories.
5.  I'm loving Steph's designs in general, but this print is definitely on my wishlist.
6.  At the time this goes live I'll be en route to New York, but in the run up I've been checking out Sephora regularly for shopping inspiration.
7.  Slightly less "deep" than Under The Skin but pertinent and thought-provoking nonetheless, Keeping It Candid is an excellent dose of social commentary.
8.  Karen's fashion advice is always spot on in her videos and her enthusiasm is infectious!
9.  Speaking of fashion tips, Ashley's post has got me thinking about how to rework my wardrobe for autumn without dropping a bomb.
10.  I've shouted out to her podcast before, but I recently found Alex Elle's instagram account..a wonderful source of inspiration.

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