Week 37 In Moments


I don't know about you, but September seems to be nearly finished before it's even begun.  How is it over halfway through the month already?  Not that you'll hear me complaining now that we're on the countdown to payday (September was expensive) and New York (hurrah!).

So technically not last week, but the Sunday before I had my hair done and I'm so happy with the results!  We mixed toners to get a really creamy beige blonde without being too ashy.  My roots had grown tonnes since it was last done (back in June!) so I'm loving the refresh.  If it'd grow a little faster I'd be even happier!

I stopped off at the library on Saturday to return a couple of books and not take out anymore.  With the long plane journey to America in a week or so I only really want to take my kindle so definitely do not need to be gathering any more books - especially those with a deadline for reading them.  But, the inevitable happened and I ended up leaving with four new books.  I'm determined to get through them before their due back though and have already finished Tin Man.  I loved it.  If you've heard the buzz surrounding it and are thinking of reading it, you definitely should.

Two things. First, is there any way to take a photo of your plate and Nandos and get it to look good?  Second, this crammed plate was the waiter's sneaky way of not making two trips.  I didn't devour it alone!  Lizzie and I met up for a little wander, browse + lunch date and the bottomless drinks were calling my name in Nandos.  I picked up a few last minute bits for the plane ride (did I mention I'm off to New York?!) and it was the perfect slow round off to the week.

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