Week 38 In Moments


I feel like a broken record but...last week went by in a flash!  I can't quite believe that this coming week I'll be off to New York.  It's been on my wishlist of places to visit for as long as I can remember and I know that bloggers going to New York is a bit cliche...but I'm so blimmin' excited!

Speaking of excited, Mum and I took Ella for her first cinema trip this weekend.  We went to see The Emoji Movie (which turned out to be a pretty good social commentary on our smartphone/social media usage with a little feminism thrown in!) and I *think* she enjoyed it.  To be honest I think the experience was a little overwhelming and she's not really a film girl but it's safe to say the pick n mix went down a treat!

Then, after the copious amount of fizzy milkshake bottles I'd consumed, I headed for an impromptu gym session.  I've been feeling a little sluggish, both with my diet and exercise, so enforced a little reboot this week.  I attempted to go for a jog after work one night....turns out I'm not an outdoor runner, so I've been sticking to sprint training on the treadmill as well as my usual spin session.  I never thought I'd enjoy running but aiming to better my speed each time has really been keeping me motivated.

Rounding off the week nicely, Nick and I headed out on a little roadtrip before stopping off for lunch and finding this guy.  Our ideas of a perfect Sunday are polar opposites so it was nice to have a little compromise and spent some time pottering around together.  And yes, I did just say the word "pottering" and yes I'm ashamed of how old that makes me sound!

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