Resources: Intentionalism

There is an abundance of literature on intentionalism, simple living and minimalism available online.  Ironically, looking through for those that are really going to add value can be a time consuming process so here are a few of my recommendations.


Brown Kids are one of my absolute favourite Instagram accounts when it comes to simple living.  The photos are stunning and the accompanying text always motivational. 

Similarly, The Life Notes is a blog with a really cosy feel which always delivers in terms of reminding me to focus on the important moments in life, no matter how small.

If podcasts are your thing, Intentionalism and Optimal Living Daily are a couple of my favourites.

If you're looking to start simplifying your wardrobe I'd recommend using this wardrobe planner to help.  Whilst it aims to help create a capsule wardrobe, there are definitely some points for consideration which can assist in the decluttering process.

Speaking of decluttering, for anyone looking for guidance on how to begin Tico and Tina have a free 7 day email course to get you started.

And finally, this list wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of The Minimalists.  Their podcast is one I listen to regularly and their documentary is pretty inspirational as well.


Don't forget to check out my money management resources page if you'd like a similar list with a financial focus.

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